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Family Wellness

Children playing and are supervised by a parent

As a wellness-focused space, Cloud Twelve offers a variety of holistic health services, where parents can access support relating to natural medicine and nutrition, infant development and family wellness.

To book an appointment with one of family wellness consultants, please phone the club or speak to our Family Space reception desk situated on the ground floor. For herbal medicine, child nutrition and homeopathy consultations, please book an appointment with our wellness clinic.

Behaviour & Development Consultancy

At times it is very easy to fall into cycles of frustration as parents. You may be unsure at times if your child is misbehaving, or if they are merely learning right and wrong. You may question whether your child is struggling with their cognitive ability or if they are just not interested in the information being imposed on or requested from them.

We are here to empower you by helping you understand your child’s development stages and provide intervention strategies in order to reduce negative cycles of behaviour and anxiety within the home.

Sleep Behaviour Consultancy

Sleep is a key contributor in maintaining wellness of both mind and body. There can be many reasons why infants and children struggle to sleep and why parents find it challenging to sleep.

Anxiety, nutrition, changes of routine, and often attachment with carers, parents and guardians are a key aspect as to why sleep patterns are disrupted. We support gentle and creative treatments for children and adults to reintroduce you back into a regular routine where you and your child can sleep comfortably.

Lactation & Weaning Baby Consultancy

Breastfeeding can pose challenges to many parents; it remains a misconception that our babies simply attach to mum without complaint. It can often be very challenging for mothers to store milk, and many women find breastfeeding very painful, which can lead to further emotional challenges.

It is always beneficial for a mother to visit a lactation consultant for pre- and postnatal guidance, support and planning implementation, to ensure wellness, stability and safety throughout the feeding process. Often parents face challenges throughout childhood in relation to appropriate feeding patterns and stages of weaning, and this can affect behaviour, sleep and attachments.

We can create feeding plans and offer pre- and postnatal guidance for babies and children up to the age of seven.

Baby Massage

Massage can be one of the most intimate and nurturing ways you can bond with your baby. Massage provokes sensory reactions in infancy, supporting brain development and promoting muscular strength and joint flexibility.

We offer massages for infants with one of our Family Space qualified practitioners, as well as guiding and supporting parents wishing to learn massaging skills.

Baby Sign-along

Join in the fun at our baby sign-along classes. We offer stage one and two classes for parents and little ones to promote attachment, positive behaviour and language development.