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Naturopathic and Fertility Nutrition

A selection of Naturopathic foods

Naturopathic Nutrition takes a holistic view of health and considers that food is medicine and that wellness begins with what we put into our bodies. Every person is unique and the core philosophy of Naturopathic Nutrition at Cloud Twelve is to treat the cause rather than just being symptom-focused, essentially getting to understand underlying reasons for any given collection of symptoms.

Our nutritionists promote the therapeutic effect of foods and dietary supplements for specific health conditions and will work with you to devise a meal plan that is nutritionally balanced, practical, enjoyable and sustainable. Alongside dietary recommendations, it may also be necessary to arrange functional tests such as stool analysis for gut health and saliva tests to assess stress, as well as other hormone and blood screening to conclude a more strategic and targeted way to support you and your body on a deeper level.

We will focus on creating an entirely individualised plan, which will include diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle recommendations to best suit each and every person. This also means championing delicious foods, as we work together towards achieving optimal health for you.



About our Resident Practitioners 


Jenya Di Pierro's  Fertility Nutrition Programme

3-month Fertility Support Programme Price with Jenya - £1150

Programme Includes:

- 1 x 90-minute initial consultation

- Bi-weekly follow-up consultations during the three-month programme to review, assess progress and formulate the next steps

- Personalised herbal prescription after each consultation

- Homeopathic assessment

- Wellness and lifestyle recommendations

- Personalised nutrition and supplement plan

- Diagnostic tests

- 1 x complimentary infrared sauna session to facilitate deeper levels of detoxification and recharge adrenals

- 1 x complimentary fertility massage 

- Ongoing WhatsApp and email support during the program (during usual working hours)

* Diagnostic testing will be costed at an additional price

* Herbal prescriptions and supplements at an additional price

Jenya Di Pierro

Jenya Di Pierro is the Founder & CEO, Naturopath, Herbalist & Homeopath of Cloud Twelve. 

With qualifications in herbal medicine and homeopathy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, Jenya's goal is to undertake a comprehensive assessment of her clients’ physiological and nutritional imbalances, including presenting complaints, digestive capacity, diet, supplements, medication, lifestyle and other factors which comprise their well-being. When required she will do functional testing to uncover the root cause of the health issue. The unique treatment plan will include herbal remedies, lifestyle recommendations and, where appropriate, dietary changes or nutritional supplements.




Jen Walpole's Fertility Treatments

Jen provides a complimentary 20 mins consultation call prior to booking

With ALL of Jen's packages below, you will receive:

Bespoke nutrition, lifestyle & supplement recommendations (updated at each session as appropriate). Bespoke functional fertility testing recommendations such as microbiome, hormone, DNA fragmentation & adrenal stress (tests are at an additional cost). Unlimited supportive handouts. Bespoke recipe ideas. Full email support throughout (Monday-Friday). 10% discount on supplements from The Natural Dispensary. Jen doesn't charge for her time interpreting any test results within this package. 

- 3 Months Hormone Balance Package with Jen - £1200

1 Initial consultation (75mins), 2 follow-up consultations (45mins each) plus 2 follow up calls (30-45mins each)

Package Inclusions:

This package is specifically for women that wish to balance their hormones naturally. It acknowledges that long-term change takes some time. Whether you are experiencing irregular periods, PMS symptoms, peri-menopause or have been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, this package will be tailor made for you. This is a bespoke package which includes follow ups every 3 weeks, ensuring that you stay on track and feel fully motivated and supported for the duration of this package.

- 3 Months Fertility Prep Package with Jen - £1200

1 Initial consultation (75mins), 2 follow-up consultations (45mins each) plus 2 follow up calls (30-45mins each)

Package Inclusions:

This package acknowledges the fact that egg maturation takes up to 3 months ahead of ovulation and that in order to see results, we need some time to put things into place. Whether you know the underlying reason for your fertility struggles or not, this package will be tailor made for you. This package is mostly for those women that do not need to factor their partner into the process (such as in IVF using frozen embryos or donor sperm) as I do prefer to work with couples for fertility (see couple's package below). Testing may be advised if appropriate in your case (at an additional cost). This is a bespoke package which includes follow ups every 3 weeks, ensuring that you stay on track and feel fully motivated and supported on your fertility journey.

- 3 Months Couples Fertility Package prices with Jen from £1,500

1 Initial consultation (90mins), 2 follow-up consultations (60mins each) plus 4 follow up calls (30-45mins each)

This package acknowledges that when it comes to fertility, it is important to assess the health of not just yourself, but of your partner also. We know that sperm and ovum (egg) maturation takes up to 3 months. As women, we often focus on what we should be doing to increase our chances of pregnancy, however, it is important to factor your partner into this journey. We know that sperm quality is steadily declining but that we can work towards improving the quality significantly through nutrition and lifestyle changes. This package has been designed for anyone that wishes to work on a pre-conception care plan ahead of pregnancy or for those couple's that have been trying to conceive but may be struggling or for anyone that is considering assisted reproductive technology (IUI/IVF/ICSI). No matter what stage you are at, improving your own health and wellbeing will improve your chances of having a healthy baby and pregnancy. This is a bespoke package which includes follow ups every 2 weeks, ensuring that you stay on track and feel fully motivated and supported on your fertility journey.

- Pregnancy Package with Jen - £1200

1 initial consultation (90 min), 3 follow ups (60 min each)

This package is designed to support you through each trimester of your pregnancy and beyond. The sessions will cover the additional macro and micronutrient requirements for each trimester, supplementation, lifestyle support and exercise, additional testing to ensure your nutrient status is optimal as well as practical and easy to implement support to get you through the ever-changing symptoms and challenges that you may be experiencing. This is a bespoke package which includes a 90 minute initial consultation and 3 one hour follow up sessions to cover trimesters 1-4. Typically, we will catch up within each trimester so that you feel fully supported throughout the 9 months of your pregnancy. The 4th trimester will cover topics such as birth prep, postnatal nutrition and some guidance on your baby.

- Fertility / Hormone Health MOT - Initial & Follow Up Package - £400

Whether the focus is fertility, hormones or even pregnancy, Jen’s Health MOT package is a nice introduction to working with a Nutritional Therapist. You will still receive all the benefits of working with her for 3 months, just for a shorter time-frame. This is a bespoke package which includes a 60 minute initial consultation in person and a 45 minute online follow up session, one month later. After 2 personalised sessions to suit your needs, you’ll be well on your way to understanding your body a little more and have a clearer idea on the best course of action going forward.

You will receive:

- bespoke nutrition, lifestyle & supplement recommendations (updated at your follow up session)

- testing recommendations such as vitamin and mineral testing (usually bloods)

- referral letters to your GP or other consultants involved in your care

- unlimited supportive handouts

- bespoke recipe ideas

- full support throughout (Mon-Thurs) via messaging service in app

 - one short call in between sessions if needed

- 10% discount on supplements from The Natural Dispensary

Jen Walpole

Nutritional Therapist

It was Jen's own health struggles that led her to Nutritional Therapy, suffering with hormonal imbalances throughout her 20's and was later diagnosed with PCOS. What began as a passion for healthy eating and living, led Jen to study for a three-year Naturopathic Nutrition diploma at The College of Naturopathic Medicine - a functional, evidence-based and personalised approach to nutrition that focuses on the individual as a whole whilst incorporating lifestyle factors. 

Jen typically works with clients that are experiencing irregular menstrual cycles, have been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis or those that wish to support their fertility, pregnancy or require ante-natal or menopause support.


Practitioners & Pricing

Jenya Di Pierro

Founder & CEO, Naturopath, Herbalist & Homeopath


Jen Walpole

Nutritional Therapist