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"Life-changing! I feel re-energised, enthusiastic and most importantly pain-free"

"I approached Jenya with my recent diagnosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, as I wanted to go down the herbal route. Jenya personalised a program for me, including a detox plan, fasting and herbal remedies. Jenya's professionalism, knowledge and personal support helped to build a strong relationship. 

My journey so far has been life-changing, I feel re-energised, enthusiastic and most importantly pain-free! I am excited about my future, once again. 

I have already recommended Jenya to a couple of my friends & would to anyone who seeks an alternative solution to an issue in their life." 

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"Jenya's consultations and herbal treatments have been the all-round care that I’ve been searching for"

Jenya was recommended to me by a friend during the summer after years of skin issues (acne / hormonal breakouts / intolerance reactions) I have spent years and lots of money searching for the root cause of these issues and can confidently say I have finally found it through Jenya

She has real knowledge and genuinely cares for her clients’ skin and general / mental well-being. She understands how these kinds of issues can affect someone mentally and her consultations and herbal treatments have been the all-round care that I’ve been searching for. 

I finally have a good understanding of my body and why the skin was reacting the way it was with my lifestyle. Amazing herbal remedies to heal the gut and balance hormones from within and my skin regime has changed to completely organic / low toxic ranges. The change in my skin and life has really been amazing. I cannot thank Jenya and the Cloud Twelve Team enough.

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"A huge difference to my symptoms and quality of life"

What can I say but a huge thank you to Jenya for her menopause tincture, what a difference this has made to my life. After trying HRT and many other natural supplements on the market I came across Jenya on my Instagram feed and decided to contact her regarding my symptoms.

I have been struggling post-menopause almost 9 years with hot flushes, severe night sweats and low energy. After a telephone consultation with Jenya she produced a menopause tincture for me and it’s made a huge difference to my symptoms and quality of life. I can’t recommend Jenya and Cloud Twelve enough, my only regret is that I never found her earlier. 

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"Responsible for keeping me in good health."

 Jenya keeps me in potions and tinctures all year round. She is largely responsible for keeping me in good health. Jenya recently designed a brilliant immunity tonic that I take daily. She is also currently offering online consultations and tonics to help those trying to prevent, treat and recover from Covid-19

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"Herbal and complementary treatments revolutionised our success."

After two failed rounds of IVF with poor embryo quality and a complicated loss, I was feeling like having a family of my own might not be in my future. I was introduced to Jenya via a mutual friend. The plan Jenya set me of natural, herbal and complimentary treatments revolutionised our success and we went from having three low quality embryos on our first try to five high quality embryos and our little boy. We could not be more grateful.

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"The herbs have really helped to ease uncomfortable burning symptoms."

Jenyas herbal remedies are a great alternative to taking western medicine to help with my reflux. The herbs have really helped to ease uncomfortable burning symptoms and it feels really great to have a natural way to restore the balance when I am out of balance

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