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Cloud Twelve mission statement: 

We are openly committed to creating a secure, welcoming, and friendly environment, free from all racism, sexism, sexual misconduct, violence, bullying, and any form of sexual, physical, verbal or emotional abuse.

Purpose of this Policy 

To achieve a positive attitude and approach towards Cloud Twelve staff and members.
To prevent incidents of abuse including aggression and violence.
The club will seek to ensure that staff and members receive appropriate support in recovering from the effects of an incident and in trying to prevent recurrence. To ensure that the Cloud Twelve club complies with its statutory responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work (NI) Order 1978 and other related legislation/guidance Scope. 

In line with the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety Circular HSS 2007 – “Zero Tolerance on Abuse of Staff, Protecting everyone from Violence”, the Cloud Twelve club is committed to the creation of a culture and environment where employees and members may undertake their duties without fear of abuse or violence. 

We are committed to: 

• Ownership and responsibility for staff and members safety. 

• Introducing preventative measures to minimise the risk to staff and members. 

• Ensuring that all staff are appropriately trained. 

• Reporting and monitoring all incidents. 

• Communicating to staff to ensure awareness of policy and procedures. 

• Staff support including appropriate support in taking action. 

• Public Awareness of our Zero Policy Statement. 

• Working with the relevant bodies, including PS. 

• Influence how perpetrators should be dealt with. 

All staff have a vital role to play in protecting themselves, including participation in appropriate training, reporting of incidents and taking appropriate action against perpetrators of abuse or violence. The cloud twelve club has a responsibility to ensure that appropriate support is given to staff and members in such instances. 

This Policy applies to violence and aggression towards all cloud twelve club employees and members as well as to employees of external contractors, including recruitment Agency staff. This policy applies to situations arising during the course of professional duties or due to employment and leisure at the club. It also applies to those undertaking work on behalf of Cloud twelve, whether from service users, other staff or members of the public. 


The directors and operational managers will be accountable for the effective implementation and monitoring of this policy across the organisation. Responsibility for the day-to-day implementation will rest with the line management structure. 

The following definitions have been set out in the Departmental Circular HSS 2007 on Zero Tolerance: 

Non-Physical Abuse: The use of inappropriate words or behaviour causing distress and/or constituting harassment. This includes receipt of abusive telephone calls from any source.
Physical Abuse: The intentional application of force against the person of another without lawful justification resulting in physical injury or personal discomfort. 

Anti-Social Behaviour: The following are examples of anti-social behaviour that are not acceptable at or in connection with work: 

Excessive noise e.g. loud or intrusive conversation, or shouting Threatening or abusive language including excess swearing or offensive remarks or gestures
Derogatory racial, religious or sexual remarks or behaviour.
Malicious allegations relating to members of staff
Inappropriate behaviour as a result of alcohol or misuse of illicit drugs, including non-prescribed medication or drugs.
Intimidation, threats or threatening behaviour (e.g. ‘I know where you live’) Harassment or stalking.
Violence, perceived acts of violence or threats of violence.
Any explicit or implicit challenge to the safety, well-being or health of any member of staff or members.
Brandishing weapons or objects which could be used as weapons. 

Reporting, Investigating and Monitoring 

All incidents of abuse or violence to staff or members must be formally reported to their line manager using the Cloud twelve adverse Incident reporting procedure. 

All incidents should be investigated and reviewed by the line manager to ensure that control measures are appropriate. 

Monitoring of all incidents will be carried out by the relevant Senior Manager and any follow up action required will be assessed to ensure that it is appropriate and has been carried out.

Monitoring of trends will be carried out by the Cloud twelve management team, to identify problem areas in order to anticipate future preventative action. 

The Cloud Twelve Club will ensure that members accessing its facilities are made aware of its commitment to zero tolerance of abuse or violence against staff or other members, including what actions Cloud Twelve may take against perpetrators. 

Final outcomes will be disciplinary, dismissal or being banned from the club and any other sanctions deemed necessary by the directors and management team alongside the HR department.